St. Vincent's Rock

Saint Vincent's Rock, Eugene Byrne's story of myths and legends in modern Bristol, is available to read here as a complete online comic.Click here to begin reading.
[Note: Due to the image based nature of this work, pages are between 100 and 300k in size.]

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01 The Big  Lies 02 Work Experience 03 Exit the Dragon
  The Big Lies     Work Experience     Exit the Dragon
04 Old Friends   05 Fun and Sunshine   06 Yours I Believe
  Old Friends     Fun and Sunshine     Yours I Believe
07 Introductions   08 Bus Ride   09 Tea and Stories
  Introductions     Bus Ride     Tea and Stories
10 Detectives   11 Sub Judice   12 Air Stone Trees Rock
  Detectives     Sub Judice     Air Stone Trees Rock
 Under The Rock

Background features about the making of St. Vincent's Rock and useful links.

 Author & Artist
Biographies of Eugene Byrne and Simon Gurr
[All characters in this story are either fictitious, mythical or dead.
The resemblance of any characters in this story to living persons is purely coincidental.]
Eugene - Thanks to: Monique, Bristol 2008, Ralph Hoyte, Shirley Brown, Kate Withers, David Harrison, and Nick Xylas (Wessex Society)
Simon - Thanks to Julia, Bristol 2008, Mike Karthauser at Brightstorm
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